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How do I know if I have a hearing loss?
Hearing loss often develops gradually, over a period of time. You may not be aware that your hearing has slowly deteriorated. 
Some common signs of hearing loss include:
  • Difficulty hearing in crowded environments
  • Turning the volume on the TV higher than what is comfortable for those around you
  • Feeling as though people mumble
  • Increased difficulty in hearing children and women’s voices (generally higher pitched)
  • Asking people to repeat themselves regularly
  • A ringing sound in the ears
  • Difficulty hearing people over the phone
What should I do if I suspect I have a hearing loss?
The best thing to do is to consult with an audiologist and have a full diagnostic test to ascertain your level of hearing. Your audiologist will be able to determine how to treat your hearing loss, or if you need to be referred to another specialist.
I have hearing loss, do I need two hearing aids?
If you have a hearing loss in both ears then we will likely recommend hearing aids for both ears.  This is important because:
  • We were born with two ears for a reason. The auditory system is wired for binaural hearing and this will allow you to have the best possible hearing experience. 
  • It will help you to localise which direction sounds are coming from
  • You will more easily understand speech in noisy environments
  • It will assist in masking your tinnitus
  • You will have a higher level of satisfaction with your hearing aids and overall listening experiences
  • When a hearing loss is left untreated, auditory deprivation can occur. Bilateral hearing aids ensure that the auditory nerve is stimulated on both sides
What ages can be tested?

We can test the hearing of people of all ages!

We can screen the hearing of babies from birth to 18 months and we can conduct full diagnostic tests from 18 months upwards. Speech and Audio Inc has a large, custom built sound proof booth and two qualified audiologists, which means we are well equipped to test all ages. 

Are you able to help with my tinnitus?
Yes, tinnitus is a complex disorder which may be caused by hearing loss. We have a range of solutions to try and address your tinnitus in the best way possible for you.
What can I expect when I visit my audiologist?
The audiologist will perform a thorough examination of your hearing and your ears (including your outer, middle and inner ear).
  • A visual examination of your outer ear, ear canal and eardrum
  • Assessment of the functioning of your middle ear 
  • Pure tone examination, conducted via air and bone conduction testing, to determine the degree and type of hearing loss
  • Examination of your ability to comprehend  and discriminate between speech sounds in words
  • A detailed discussion of your results and recommendations
What will happen if I leave a hearing loss untreated?
Hearing aids actually preserve your brain’s ability to comprehend speech. Untreated hearing loss often leads to a decline in your ability to process speech signals. Untreated hearing loss has more recently been linked to cognitive decline, decreased mental health and social withdrawal. Treating your hearing loss will also lead to lessened mental fatigue, reduced social isolation and improved communication skills.
    What are the types and causes of hearing loss?
    • Conductive Hearing Loss – when your hearing loss is caused by a problem or obstruction in your outer or middle ear. This can include middle or outer ear infections, excessive wax, tumours or other diseases of the middle ear.  A conductive hearing loss is generally treatable through medical intervention. Your audiologist might refer you to an Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist.
    • Sensorineural Hearing Loss – this is the most common type of hearing loss. A sensorineural hearing loss is characterised by damage to your inner ear or auditory nerve. This hearing loss is generally permanent in nature and cannot be corrected surgically or medically. Hearing aids can assist to overcome the loss in your hearing sensitivity. Sensorineural hearing loss can be caused by ageing, noise exposure or other damage to the hair cells in your inner ears.
    • Mixed hearing loss – A mixed hearing loss is a combination of sensorineural hearing loss and conductive hearing loss.
    How common is hearing loss?

    Hearing loss is actually very common. About 10% of South Africans suffer from some degree of hearing loss. Hearing loss can affect people of all ages and from all backgrounds.

    Should I use earbuds in my ears?

    No! As the old saying goes, you should not be putting anything smaller than your elbow in your ear. Using an earbud can damage your ear canal or even your eardrum if you push it too far into your ear. Your ear canal is self-cleaning, the skin grows outwards and pushes the wax out slowly. Using an earbud can cause wax impaction which will require a professional to remove the wax. 

    Can you claim from my medical aid?

    Yes, we charge medical aid rates and are able to claim directly from all medical aids. 

    How much do hearing aids cost?

    Hearing aids range in price. Your audiologist will assess your hearing loss, needs and lifestyle and find the hearing aids that best suit your needs and your pocket.

    Will my medical aid pay for my hearing aids?

    Different medical aids pay different amounts for hearing aids – your audiologist can contact your medical aid to find out what hearing aid benefit you have available.


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