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Audiology Services and Speech-language Therapy.


About Us

Speech & Audio Inc. is a private speech therapy and audiology practice based in Boksburg. 

Speech Therapy Services

We provide a wide range of Speech-language Pathology services for patients of all ages.

Audiology Services

We offer comprehensive hearing healthcare, from assessment to hearing aid fitment.

Why trust Speech and Audio Inc?

We pride ourselves on providing professional services with personal care to change difficult realities into positive life experiences.










Speech Therapy Services

Articulation Therapy

We provide treatment to improve speech sound errors and oral-motor skills through intervention strategies.

Delayed Development

We develop language programs to support children with delays in receptive or expressive language skills.

Language Learning Disorders

We identify, assess and model language activities for children that struggle with processing language.

Childhood Apraxia of Speech

We offer evaluations and individualised treatment plans for children that suffer from motor speech disorders.

Fluency Disorders


Audiology Services

Diagnostic Hearing Assessments

We offer hearing tests to detect and determine the type, severity and source of hearing loss, and facilitate treatment.

Hearing Aid Selection & Fitting

We assist in the selection, trial and fitting of digital hearing aids as well as follow ups to improve quality of hearing.

Protectors & Swim Plugs

We develop custom ear plugs and noise protection devices to protect swimmers ears and to prevent hearing loss from noise exposure.

Tinnitus Treatment

We provide full assessment and treatment for patients struggling with a constant ringing, buzzing or noise in the ear.

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About Speech and Audio Inc.

Simone and Tamaryn began Speech & Audio Inc. in 2018 as dually qualified therapists with years of speech therapy and audiology experience behind them.  Together, their mission is to help individuals with communication disorders regain their confidence and quality of life. They do this by taking a holistic approach that focuses on personal care and customised diagnosis and treatment plans.

38 Oaklane Office Park, Grippen Road, Boksburg, Gauteng

Simone: +27 64 505 4762

Tamaryn: +27 73 291 6815


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