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Hearing loss requires a diagnosis as well as treatment. Choosing the right hearing aid is the key to having a positive hearing aid experience. Technology, comfort and style are based on each individual’s lifestyle and hearing requirements.

Our product range consists of all major international hearing brands. There are various types and styles of hearing aids differing in technology and features. Some features include cell phone integration, fall detection and remote programming.

Hearing aids are selected based on your specific lifestyle and hearing requirements. All fittings are done at our practice. Trial fittings are also offered to patients who are unsure of what hearing aids to get.


Hearing Aids

There are three styles of hearing aids available:

  • Custom Hearing Aids
  • Receiver-In-The-Canal Hearing Aids
  • Behind-The-Ear Hearing Aids

Custom Hearing Aids

Custom hearing aids are quite discreet and comfortable to wear.  These hearing aids are custom made to fit into your canal and to fit your unique hearing requirements.

There are four custom style hearing aids:

  • In the Ear (ITE)
  • In the Canal (ITC)
  • Completely in the canal (CIC)
  • Invisible in the canal (IIC)

Your Audiologist will advise you on which style is suitable for your hearing loss and ear canal.  Custom hearing aids are only suitable for specific hearing losses.

Receiver-In-Canal Hearing Aids

The receiver-in-canal (RIC) is similar to a behind-the-ear hearing aid.  A tiny wire connects the piece behind the ear to the speaker or receiver.  A receiver-in-canal hearing aid is more aesthetically appealing as it is less visible.  It is a comfortable hearing aid that can be modified to fit most hearing losses.

Behind-The-Ear Hearing Aids

No more bulky, behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids.  The new streamlined, slimmer and stylish designed BTE’s hooks over the top of your ear and rests behind the ear. The hearing aid is connected to a slimtube or a custom earpiece called an earmold that fits in your canal. This type is appropriate for people of all ages and those with almost any type of hearing loss.

Hearing Aid Longevity 

Hearing aids are relatively durable and can last a few years. Your hearing aid will last longer if you take the time to clean it, service it regularly and store it correctly when you are not using it. Hearing aid technology is advancing rather quickly – so it may be worth looking at an upgrade every few years to make sure that you are getting the best hearing possible.


Hearing Aid Battery Life

Some hearing aids use disposable batteries. A disposable battery usually lasts about  5 – 10 days depending on the power of your hearing aid. The rechargeable hearing aids use a lithium-ion battery and are readily available, reliable and easy to use. Rechargeable hearing aids are available in most hearing aid brands. The battery is built into the hearing aid and the hearing will charge in the charging unit when not being used.


Hearing Aids

Receiver in the Canal

Hearing Aids

Behind the Ear

Hearing Aids

Health and Monitoring

Some brands offer the ability to synchronise more than your hearing aids, e.g. heart rate, heart health, mobility, fall detection, etc.

Mobile Connectivity

Hearing aid technology has improved, enabling better management of your hearing device through an app on your cell phone. This will allow you to adjust your volume, change your programs, make minor adjustments, send remote adjustment requests to your audiologists and even stream phone calls and music directly to your hearing aids. Chat to your audiologist to find out if your phone is compatible with this technology.


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